26 – 28 June, 2017 | Miami

Event Conducted in Spanish Spanish flag  

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Conference Day One
Tuesday, 27 June

Conference Day Two
Wednesday, 28 June

Networking Coffee

On the Pulse of the Customer

Chairman´s Opening Remarks

Raise Awareness on the Benefits of Insurance as a Key Pillar for Industry Growth


• Build awareness in your customers about the value of prevention and the need to be insured according to their needs in order to reduce customer turnover

• Get to know your customers to understand the coverage they need today and to anticipate what they may need in the future

• Understand the changes in the underwriting habits, the impact of technological development in the subscription process, and in the management and administration of the policy

Capitalize on Vertical Integration in Health


• Achieve greater growth with profitability, achieving the right balance
between sponsor and provider

• Recognize the advantages of vertical integration in cost optimization
and operating costs reduction

• Generate Business with greater margin to your traditional portfolio and develop new, accessible products

Coffee and Networking Break


Stay energized and refreshed while networking with fellow attendees.

New Strategies in the Underwriting and Claims Process

  • Javier Ganso Global Life Technical Claims Officer & Chief Claims Officer GL, Zurich


• Put information and services at your customer’s fingertips to enhance
their experience and generate word of mouth of the added value of claims response

• Introduce innovative technological tools and smart solutions to increase customer retention and improve new client acquisition

• Learn about the Simply Care philosophy implemented by Zurich to make the customer experience a differentiator in your offer

Overcome the Challenge of Maintaining your International Health Insurance Programs Sustainable and Cost-Effective

  • Fernando Joa Chief Underwriting and Claims Officer, Worldwide Medical Assurance


• Understand how major medical expenses plans are evolving

• Implement new models that optimize medical costs

• Learn about the innovative implementation of a successful marketing strategy plan in Central America and the region

Networking Lunch


Enjoy a buffet lunch and connect with fellow attendees during this extended lunch break.

Disruptive Innovation

Creating Value from Technology


• Leverage your business with advanced predictive analysis and big data
and capitalize on cross selling and up selling

• Understand how much technology has penetrated the healthcare
insurance sector and how insurance companies are equipped to retrieve data from it and utilize it

• Improve patient experience and develop preventive care approach to achieve better health outcomes

Build a Customer Journey Based on Reliable Information from Wearables


• Understand the partnerships that are required to become agile and flexible enough to offer new products and adapt the pricing and options based on the lifestyle of the policy holder

• Better manage the wealth of sensors, technology standards and data normalization from all the wearables

• Discuss what regulations are needed in relation to data privacy laws and security Issues

Roundtable: The Role of Regulation in Expanding the Market


• Understand the impact of tax benefits for new product development

• Discuss the increasing role of regulation and the implementation of Solvency II-type frameworks to promote or restrict insurance products growth

Our Vision, Our Future

Coffee and Networking Break


Stay energized and refreshed while networking with fellow attendees.

Masterclass: Wellness – The Personalization of Well-Being


– Develop wellness programs aimed at the personalization and individualization of their activities to keep them alive and successful, as well as to become a tool to make them more effective in the attaining of their aims, generating more robust results in less time at a lower cost
– Discover at this interactive masterclass how to keep the various leaders promoting wellness programs involved, and how to identify detractors, transforming their vision to obtain a fresh
and novel impulse from them
– Takeouts from this workshop will include:
• Innovative strategies to maintain and revive your wellness program
• Company trends on the most successful strategies for the new generations
• Tools to re-invigorate a committee of leaders to contribute a transformative vision of wellness
• Identification of the wellness requirements of each segment of the population, as well as the stages of each employee’s life
• Design of wellness strategies enabling the interaction of diverse cultures, focusing them on common aims
• Implementation of wellness solutions in an individualized manner, generating specific and timely follow-up using state of the art technology
• Ways to maintain interest in the wellness program alive, increasing the levels of participation and involvement, achieving deep-rooted results more quickly
• Use of mobile apps, tracking devices and other sensors, helping customers to improve their well-being


Chairman’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference