26 – 28 June, 2017 | Miami

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Pre-Conference Workshop
Monday, June 26, 2017

12.00 - 18.00

Trends and Changes Affecting Life and Health Insurance: the New Norm or Just a Fad?

Workshop Leader: Tom Scales, Research Director, Life and Health, Celent Workshop Leader: Luis Chipana, Analyst, Celent


The insurance industry is based on some very old assumptions about how the world operates and the nature of risk. For centuries, we’ve insured and paid out against a loss. The world is changing fast and so is the nature of defining risk. The digital storm that defines this decade has these assumptions dissolving before our eyes. What if insurance value proposition moves from indemnity to
prevention? What or where is the risk? What if it becomes a norm to live for 110 years? Is life insurance relevant? What if it is possible to really ensure an individual behavior, rather than a set of rating factors? How might the relationship with the customer change? Will new capabilities and skills be required for success? If so, which ones? Join us in this interactive experience as we explore scenarios, what they mean to the industry, and how emerging technologies are set to fast track these changes in your company.

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Tom Scales, Research Director, Life and Health, Celent

Tom Scales

Tom´s research and consulting focuses on operational best practices, real-world case studies and the application of vendor technology. His particular passion is to challenge life insurers to
move faster in innovation. He also leads a broad range of consulting projects, such as transformation project health checks, Deep Dive strategies for  both insurers and vendors, and a variety of system selection projects. Tom is an industry veteran. His early experience was primarily with vendors, in a broad variety of roles from the most technical to sales and marketing to executive leadership. Later in his career, he led operations and technology for Crump, the American largest life and annuity brokerage. More recently, he led the operations and technology organizations for Transamerica, for their US Life insurance companies, including both agent and worksite sales.

Luis Chipana, Analyst, Celent

Luis Chipana

Luis’ career spans over 16 years working in banking and insurance companies. His expertise is in risk, credit cards, operations, and complaints for commercial and microfinance banks. In insurance, he has been working for six years in continuous improvement and business process management, with focused expertise in sales, underwriting, claims, and reinsurance process for life, health, auto, and property and casualty. Prior to joining Celent, Luis was a business process project manager at Rimac Seguros, where he led and participated in numerous projects related to implementation of new technologies and automation of processes (workflow and BPM). His background also includes several IT, project management, and operational roles in Pacifico Seguros, MIBANCO, and Banco de Credito (BCP).